tax preparer vs cpa

Get help from experienced enrolled agents and CPAs to efficiently file your taxes. If you are a tax professional contemplating the next steps of your career, you are probably deciding between becoming an experienced CPA or remaining a tax preparer. Tax preparers are the choice of those who would like to save a bit more money on accounting services and are hired at the right time during tax years. The earning potential of CPAs goes above and beyond what regular tax preparers are able to charge in their day-to-day jobs.

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Tax preparers Tax preparers concentrate on tax matters but don’t necessarily have the same broad educational background that an accountant has. The quality of tax preparers can vary widely, making it useful to consider different categories of preparers. The above article is intended to provide generalized financial tax preparer vs cpa information designed to educate a broad segment of the public; it does not give personalized tax, investment, legal, or other business and professional advice. Tax preparers are hired by individuals who have less complicated tax matters and don’t need the comprehensive education and experience of a CPA.

Experience Requirements

When comparing a CPA vs. tax preparer for your business, it’s best to start with your goals. Perhaps your taxes are straight forward, but you have questions about certain tax regulations. Or, perhaps your business is preparing to be audited or needs guidance in structuring investments to improve your tax position.

Choosing the Right Professional Guidance

For smaller companies with straightforward taxes, using a tax preparer is a way to save money and get your tax returns completed on time. But be aware that local tax preparers may know local rules that may affect your taxes. You will want to hire someone with knowledge about your state taxes—either by being located in your state or having a lot of clients in your state. Another factor to consider if you live in an area that has a local or city tax, be sure that your tax preparer has dealt with the tax filings for these localities. To become a CPA, candidates must pass a four-part exam and comply with education and experience requirements.

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tax preparer vs cpa

Tax preparers also operate with less regulation, and thus the code of ethics and morals is not as strongly advocated in the field. CPAs can also have their own areas of expertise, which is attractive to certain types of clients. Our clients stay with us because we provide them with the highest level of quality service and we would like to do the same for you. At Gamburg CPA PC, we use a proactive approach and innovative thinking within the limits of the tax code to tackle tax problems and find solutions for the future for our clients.

The different fields of accounting

You’ll also want to take steps to protect yourself if you begin to suspect that the tax prepare you’ve chosen is disreputable. In particular, the IRS warns that those who base fees on a percentage of clients’ refunds should be avoided, and checking with the Better Business Bureau is a smart move. Always shop around and get pricing upfront from a potential tax preparer.

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CPA licenses are also valid for two-year periods and must be renewed when they expire. First, let’s go through what makes these two titles comparable to each other. A CPA and a Tax Preparer have similar roles, especially with the knowledge of the broader public.

tax preparer vs cpa

EAs and CPAs

Look to a CPA to identify the credits and deductions you qualify for to increase your tax refund and help lower your tax bill. However, a CPA has a a year-round job that doesn’t end with the tax season. CPAs are accounting professionals trained to provide services as straightforward as bookkeeping and as complex as business analysis. A CPA can formulate budgets, offer advice on investment strategy, weigh the merits of mergers or acquisitions, or offer attestation services. A CPA provides valuable financial services that can extend beyond taxes or include more extensive tax planning.

tax preparer vs cpa

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